Best Books for Productivity

These four books will help you stay productive throughout the day and teach you to develop the habit to complete tasks on time. 

Four Books on Productivity


Author: Brian Tracy

Genre: Non-fiction

The Book “Eat That Frog” will help you concentrate on a single task that is most important to you so that you do well and complete it on time. This book helps you to increase your performance and result. Always set a goal so that you complete the task no matter if you get distracted or find any other difficulties. This book will teach you how to double your productivity and develop habits and time management. The book has many ways to build, improve and maintain your productivity and complete the work.


Author: Cal Newport

Genre: Non-fiction

This book is one of the best books to increase productivity. It basically helps to focus on work without distraction. It is a skill that allows you to quickly master complex information and produce precious things. This book will help you to grow and progress in your daily work routine. Teaches you why it is important to avoid distraction when at work, instead of focusing on multi-task keep your focus on a single task so that you can give high-quality work or results. A person keeps checking his phone when he wakes up this will end his productivity throughout the day. So to keep yourself busy and maintain it this book will surely help.


Author: Gary W.Keller and Jay Papasan

Genre: Non-fiction

The book one thing tells you to focus on “The One Thing”, and then the next steps will automatically happen because you have started doing things. This book tells you not to multitask start and concentrate on one thing so that your productivity increases and also helps to complete a single task or one thing quickly and efficiently. Just stick to one thing to avoid mistakes. The author clears so many myths and explained to keep focus and concentrate on one thing so to Maximize your performance and help in work progress.


Author: James Clear

Genre: Non-fiction

This book is always recommended by so many entrepreneurs, businessmen and leaders. One of the best books to develop habits. The best part of this book is that it has 4 laws of habit. This book is surely worth reading.

  1. Make it Obvious
  2. Make it Attractive
  3. Make it Easy 
  4. Make it Satisfying

“Success is the product of daily habits, not once-in-a-lifetime transformations”
These books talk a lot about productivity while giving you clear concepts about time management, completing tasks, developing habits etc. These books will help you transform yourself and start prioritizing your work.

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