Computer Essay

The computer was discovered by Charles Babbage in 1822. A Computer is an electronic device that is faster than Human beings. A computer is a machine that reduces human effort. It works with fewer errors or no errors. The computer was for the purpose to reduce the time and effort of humans. As humans cannot 24/7 but the computer can as it only requires electricity and maintenance. 

Humans can make errors but the machine does not make them. The Computer is much more efficient, multitasking and quick compared to humans. It process and works based on data and instructions given by a human. As the input command is given to it according to that the output is received. Computers can solve hard and complex arithmetic problems. It can solve the problem without any difficulties and with the least time.

The computer is a major factor and is responsible for the development of modern technology. Nowadays each and everyone human works on a computer and it becomes necessary for every human being to complete their work on time. The data can be stored in it and can be used whenever needed.

A computer executes an instruction/command within a fraction of a second. In the modern world, the companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon etc, use computers and supercomputers. The input devices are needed to give input commands to the computer using devices such as a keyboard, mouse, scanner, microphone etc, and the output devices are monitors, printers, speakers, projectors etc.

The computer has a wide range of applications, it is used in almost every field because of its accuracy, dependability and durability. Some of the applications where computers are used are in research, space organization, hospitals, Engineering field, Schools, colleges, industries, offices, banks etc.

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