Essay on the Topic of Discipline

Discipline is doing the right thing at the right time and in the right manner. Any work done this way becomes smooth and easy with no extra effort. We can see discipline among the birds and animals. If there is no discipline in life life becomes disorganised. If we have an aim or goal in life with discipline, dedication and hard work we can achieve it.

Discipline is an essential element of success and a critical virtue that everyone should possess. It refers to the ability to follow rules and regulations, adhere to a set routine or schedule, and maintain a level of self-control and focus necessary to achieve one’s goals. Without discipline, people often struggle to remain focused, motivated, and productive, and their efforts may fall short of their desired outcomes.

Discipline can manifest itself in many ways, from maintaining a strict study schedule to sticking to a regular workout routine. It is a skill that requires practice and dedication, and like any other habit, it can be cultivated over time. Discipline enables individuals to focus their efforts and energy on the task at hand, ensuring that they give their best effort and achieve their desired results.

Discipline comes by day to day practice and making it a habit. Humans should start applying and implementing discipline in life. We should make a habit of it then it becomes a part of our life. Japan is the first and best example of discipline. We should learn this from Japan. Every people in Japan live with discipline, So Japan is called the most disciplined country in the world. Nowadays it is a necessity to live in the community. If its members are permitted to do whatever they like, society will be up and the onward march of civilization and progress will be stopped. 

Discipline is an asset where we get rewards as we stick to it. we should invest ourselves in and also maintain it. Animals also maintain discipline under their leader. An example of discipline is the ants which work hard for their food and which travel in the same line. Discipline is helpful when we work in a team with this our coordination increases and also our work style develops. A disciplined team will defeat the opponent team though the opponent team has a greater advantage. 

Discipline also plays a vital role in promoting personal growth and development. When people are disciplined, they are more likely to be introspective, reflect on their actions and behaviours, and identify areas for improvement. They can then take the necessary steps to address those shortcomings and work towards becoming a better version of themselves. In this way, discipline catalyzes self-improvement and transformation.

The home is a nursery where we receive and develop lessons of discipline through obedience to parents and elders, as we pass out of the nursery and enter the school discipline becomes a necessary and important matter. The student life is called a golden life in that golden life discipline should be part of it, as it helps to grow and also to become a better human being. The Soldiers are the most disciplined among us, it is necessary for them and also helps in the war to fight against critical situations.

Humans are opposed to discipline. they think it is not necessary and takes away their capability. A human is not a machine so therefore they should not be expected to be disciplined. This is the wrong point of view human sees. A human can work according to them but the only demand that discipline makes is that we should have a plan and an order so that the work can be completed efficiently. Discipline is a precious treasure life without discipline is like an idea without execution.

In conclusion, discipline is a vital element of success that everyone should strive to cultivate. It requires dedication, focus, and commitment, but the benefits of a disciplined approach are manifold. By maintaining a sense of order and structure in their lives, promoting personal growth and development, and overcoming adversity, disciplined individuals are more likely to achieve their desired outcomes and reach their full potential.

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