Essay on the Topic of Friendship

Friendship is the bond between two persons. Friendship is like love among each others. Friendship is a mutual understanding among each other.

A friendship cannot be described in words. We become friends with anybody, anywhere at any time. There is no limit to making friends. Friendship is the bond of love and respect which binds two persons. A bond between mother and child is a friendship. The relationship between father and child is a friendship. Friendship keeps relations happy and healthy. As we grow we meet new people, we make new friends. when we are with friends we feel-good vibes.

Humans do not make everyone their friend, they choose friends by themselves. Humans decide whom they want to make friends with and whom to not. When we are with friends in school or college we chill a lot with them, and we share our thoughts. sometimes we fight too, but in the end that one thing which keeps us together is friendship. Everyone has a best friend/close friend whom we like to talk to and play with.

A friend can never be perfect but still, we accept it because of the friendship between us. There are two types of friends one is a true friend and another is a false friend. A true friend always helps us and stands with us no matter what the situation is. If somehow we get into trouble a true friend will come to save us. A fake friend/false friend will never help us in our tough situation. They will stay with us till they are getting benefitted from us. We should avoid making such friends and should stay away from them. We should be aware while making friends or choosing friends.

A friend is the one who takes care and cheers up us when we are sad and brings joy to our life. There should be no selfishness among us. we should be honest with each other. A friendship is a connection of two hearts. It is essential in life so that we live life happily. There is a saying that “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

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