Essay on the topic Hobbies

Hobbies are part of our life. Everyone has their own hobbies. It is necessary and important to have at least one hobby which almost everyone has. Hobbies can be anything which a person like doing with interest and he/she does not find difficulties in doing so. 

 Hobbies are mental desires and passion for certain things, any such interest or desire is called a hobby. Hobbies help us to develop ourselves. we should always find a hobby that develops or encourages us. We need hobbies that help us to be creative and to grow. 

Hobbies keep humans energetic and bring happiness, making life better. Humans start doing their hobbies mostly in their free time. Hobbies reduce our stress and make us feel joy, happiness and a fresh mind. Normal work done by a human can or cannot be done without interest but hobbies can. Hobbies are mental desires and passion for certain things, any such interest is called a hobby.

Hobbies do not require any extra effort and extra pressure by doing it. Hobbies can be of various types some of them are Stamp collecting, currency collecting, photography, sports, writing, reading, travel, cooking, art and designing etc.

Among the hobbies stamp collecting, reading and writing are the most usual. When we were in childhood we used to collect stamps because it was very easy and less expensive. At that time everyone used to send letters and covers, and because of this, we were getting stamps easily. Nowadays it is difficult to collect these stamps as everything became online because of emails, chats etc.

Each and every person has a common and as well as different hobbies. In this modern world, our hobbies can be converted into a full-time business. It can be used in making money. Hobbies are the talent that humans have, we can show our talent and get rewarded. It can become our main source of income. some of the examples are photography, travelling, playing sports, gaming, singing, dancing etc. 

People with these hobbies can eventually make money out of it. They can become successful in these fields. Example: Photography is done at weddings, teaching photography online. So all of the habits can be converted into main work/business and also can generate passive or active income. Good hobbies are considered the most valuable habit among humans.  

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