How to Write an Essay in English

What is an Essay?

An essay is generally called a written mixture of words containing an expression of self-opinions or thinking or ideas on a subject/matter.

Essay Writing

How to start your essay

Divide the subject matter of the essay into the main parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion


Think about the topic in depth. Do not start writing at once. Study the subject matter as thoroughly as you think it is proper to do so that you may understand the topic perfectly. Arrange your thoughts with a plan Because you cannot write a good essay without a plan so you much make a plan and arrange your ideas in such a way that they follow one another naturally


Divide your essay into paragraphs. Write a new paragraph on each point of the plan. An idea, that has been once expressed in the essay must not be repeated Use simple words and short sentences. Be clear as well as brief. Your composition must be free from spelling mistakes


Write a clear ending statement and sum up everything you have written so far.
Make a good piece of statement at the end to make the essay sound good.

Helpful Tips

  • Do not repeat words to make the essay longer.
  • Keep a clear structure of sentences to have a better flow.
  • Be relevant to the point.
  • Use better synonyms.
  • Make a plan of some of the things that you want to write.

How to practice and write a good essay

  1. Find the interesting topic
  2. Research about the topic
  3. Make a plan
  4. Always be on point
  5. Take an example/reference

Four Types of Essays:
  1. Reflective Essays: A Reflective essay is one in which an essay writer develops his ideas on a particular subject or matter purely in a reflective way, carrying very little for the descriptive or narrative display of the same.
  2. Narrative Essay: These essays consist of the narration of some events or a series of events
  3. Descriptive Essays: Descriptive essay may consist of the description of some person, place or thing laid on an actual, vivid graphic description of something an incident, a place, a person etc. connected with the subject matter.
  4. Biographical Essay: These essays are dealings with a life of a particular person is called Biographical essay. It should be a piece, containing certain parts of a person’s life, elaborately developed.

Here are some of the essay topics to write about.

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