Idioms in English with Meaning

These are some popular idioms that will make your sentence better and leave a good impression.

Popular Idioms in English

1. Be a Catch.
Meaning: Be someone worth marrying/having.
Eg: Harry is taking me out on a date. He’s such a catch, I think he will propose.

2. Up Against the Clock.
Meaning: having little time left.
Eg: Henry was up against the clock. He had only ten minutes to submit his assignment.

3. Hit the Nail on the Head
Meaning: Used if something someone says is precisely correct.
Eg: The driver hit the nail on the head. he knew it was a right turn.

4. When Pigs Fly.
Meaning: Something will never happen.
Eg: The house will be renovated when pigs fly.

5. Miss the Boat.
Meaning: when someone missed their opportunity to do something.
Eg: You should have bought that stock a month ago you missed the boat.

6. Costs an Arm and a Leg.
Meaning: When something is very expensive.
Eg: My wife demanded a diamond necklace but it will cost an arm and a leg!

7. You Rock.
Meaning: You are great
Eg: Thanks for the help brother. You Rock! 

8. Hang in there.
Meaning: To stay calm in tough situations
Eg: I know you are worried, but hang in there the result will be good

9. Hit the Sack.
Meaning: To get into bed or go to sleep.
Eg: I have to get up early for an exam tomorrow so I think I’d better hit the sack

10. Get your act together.
Meaning: Work better or leave/take a step to become better.
Eg: You need to get your act together and finish the assignment tomorrow.

Daily Use Idioms

  • A thumbs up: That’s good
  • Up in the air: Not yet finished
  • On the ball: Be alert/active
  • Hit the sack: Go to bed
  • Whole nine yards: Everything
  • Piece of cake: Easy & simple
  • Live and learn: Make a mistake
  • You can say that again: That’s true, I agree
  • The best of both worlds: An ideal situation
  • Break the ice: Make people feel comfortable
  • To make matters worse: Make a problem worse
  • Rain on someone’s parade: To spoil something
  • Pull someone’s leg: To joke with someone
  • To get bent out of shape: To get upset
  • Pull yourself together:

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